No phone. No pool. No pets. No cigarettes. Ultimate freedom… No longer to be poisoned by civilization, he flees, and walks alone upon the land to become Lost in the Wild.                                                             –Christopher McCandless Libertarian ideologues and Tea-party types all proclaim their deep patriotism for “America”. But of course the America of their shared imagination consists exclusively of its land, its resources, and its like-minded people. That’s pretty much it. Government is not a part of their America so much as it is some amorphous, interloping entity that metastasized from post-Colonial social contracts conceived and midwifed by a slew of mythical Founding Fathers whomRead More →

  “We learned nothing.” -Senator Jeff Merkley, Oregon A few days ago, media started reporting on a large meeting coming up at the White House in which donald trump summoned every member of the U.S. Senate to attend a classified briefing for reasons no one could—and the White House refused to—explain. Media types reported that this was an unusual move, considering that the briefing room was not designed to host classified briefings, and that, historically, whatever it was trump planned to tell the Senate would typically be done in the Senate, itself. While senators expressed bewilderment at the venue, the White House tried to pretendRead More →

  “[m]r. [t]rump is immune from suit because he is President of the United States.” This is the argument made by trump’s attorney’s in a court filing hoping to get a lawsuit against the president dismissed. The lawsuit was brought by three trump protesters who were assaulted at a trump campaign rally after the then-candidate urged his supporters to “get them out of here.” The victims of the assault allege that trump’s comments amount to incitement, and that he is thus responsible for the actions of trump supporters who assaulted them. Those charged with the assault have claimed that they would not have assaulted theRead More →

  Here’s what’s happening: trump is prepping us for the ditching of Steve Bannon by telling the New York Post’s Michael Goodwin that Bannon was a late comer to his team. This comes on the heels of a now-well-publicized rift between the white nationalists on trump’s team led by Bannon and trump’s co-husband Jared Kushner. trump’s distancing of himself from Bannon isn’t because trump is appalled by Bannon’s white nationalism, but because he can’t get along with Kushner. Sean Spicer might also be on his way out. Bill O’Reilly suddenly decided to take a vacation last night, and prolonged his very awkward moment by trying toRead More →

  The following came to us from Luskus_Delph as a post in an open thread. It deserves its own space. A chance to purge something that has bugged me for months; i.e., the utter predictability of everything that is unfolding since the coup d’etat by plebiscite last November. I can’t claim greater prescient imagination than so many other rational followers of progressive politics that I have observed in various internet forums; but I did venture to write about this back in the weeks leading up to the 2012 election and shared with my brother, with whom I frequently exchange political email rants. With profound sadness I am pulling itRead More →