Ever since dotard g trump descended the trump Tower escalator 3 years ago today to announce his intention to pull off his biggest con ever, pundits, politicos, and regular, everyday people have tried to nail down his appeal to his base, which continues to provide him with the greatest approval rating of any president, ever. It’s scary, but it’s true. No other president in history has enjoyed as much support among his own party than trump enjoys among Republicans. trump’s support among Republicans has never dipped below 77%, and that only happened on one occasion, in the second week of December, 2017. He currently enjoysRead More →

I want to thank Honey Crisis for inspiring this commentary. Back in the early days of the mainstream Internet, the term social media didn’t really exist as part of our cultural consciousness. There were chat engines that allowed people to communicate in real time, but providing instant feedback on news events wasn’t really a thing then. However, in the realm of chat programs, people could develop a persona and become somewhat “famous” in their own little chat-dom. I, myself, even made a tiny bit of a name for myself in Excite’s Virtual Places. For many people, that little taste of recognition became an addiction, and withRead More →

The big news in the politosphere today was the revelation that one of Michael Cohen’s clients is none other than trump’s biggest toadie, Sean Hannity. Hannity immediately tried to deny the claim, but the claim came in court, and it came from Cohen’s own attorney. Later, CNN posted an op-ed by Brian Stelter in which it claimed that Fox News will have a problem trying to explain this gigantic conflict of interest, even while admitting that this kind of ethical conflict of interest is precisely what Fox News viewers want to see when they tune in, and this is why Stelter is wrong when heRead More →

Those three things were the undoing of House Speaker Paul Ryan, according to Ben Domenech, according to his spouse, once-sympathetic target of right-wing abuse Meghan McCain. McCain then went on to chastise the audience of The View for cheering the announcement that Paul Ryan is quitting because he knows he’s going to lose. She warned them that “good” people like Paul Ryan, Trey Gowdy, Mitt Romney, and Ben Sasse are going to be replaced by “bad” people like trump, and Meghan was doing her best to shame the audience and blame them for all things trump, apparently ignoring the fact that trump exists because peopleRead More →

On Monday, the FBI raided the offices of Michael Cohen, thug lawyer subordianaire to subpresident donald “jenius” trump. Monday afternoon, trump said the raid constituted an “attack on our country, in a true sense.” On Tuesday, trump’s spokesmodel stomped out to the White House Press Briefing room podium and reiterated that whatever it is that has happened to our country, because she won’t get into it, of course, it’s gone too far. Now, we can only assume that whatever it is that has gone too far, it must be the true sense attack on our country carried out by whatever forces trump and Sanders believeRead More →

First, some background. Jimmy Kimmel has a sidekick named Guillermo Rodriguez. Guillermo has a heavy accent. donald trump has a sidekick named Melania trump. Melania has a heavy accent. On Easter, Melania read a book to a group of children. On Monday’s show, Jimmy Kimmel showed a clip of her reading the book and remarked, “Guillermo you know what this means? You could be first lady of the United States.” On Tuesday night, Sean Hannity went berserk, calling Kimmel a “despicable disgrace” and an “assclown,” which led to a funny query from Kimmel about what, exactly, an assclown is. So erupted a war of words betweenRead More →

By now, we all know about the deadly shooting at YouTube headquarters in San Bruno, California. By now, most of us know the identity of the shooter. By now, most of us know a bit about her motivations. By now, most of us have heard from some NRA toadie that this isn’t about guns, but about mental health issues. Mental Health Issues. That term is becoming as synonymously cliched as GoodGuyWithAGun, and as demonstrably insincere an argument. The NRA and their mouthpieces invoke MentalHealthIssues for one reason only: to get you to stop talking about guns. Neither the NRA nor their mouthpieces give a damnRead More →

Indictments, shootings, firings, resignings, lies, guilty pleas, porn stars…a lot has happened since I last posted here 6 months ago. With so many things to discuss, it’s more than a little daunting trying to pick just one thing to cover. I could focus on the most recent events that has our media more than occupied, which would seem to be the most logical topic to cover, or I could take a turn and avoid the obvious and discuss something a bit less topical, but nonetheless important to understanding the zeitgeist. Should we discuss trump’s bizarre, temper-tantrum rejection of a DACA deal, because those mean, ol’Read More →

UPDATED, 2 April: Okay, that landed like a lead balloon in soft sand on a deserted beach. Perhaps I’ve been away too long. This was supposed to be an April Fool’s Day joke, but if someone posts a joke on a blog and no one shows up to wonder about it, does it make a sound? Yes, there are some changes coming, but mostly it’s going to be to design (something I’ve already implemented) with some minor content focus areas. I am not now, nor will I ever, advocate to give trump a chance. Fuck that fucker.   As has been apparent, I haven’t devotedRead More →