A teenage girl in Paradise Valley, Arizona received swastika-decorated cupcakes for her birthday by friends who thought they were being funny, because we have failed to remember that the Holocaust wasn’t a whimsical happening, and our new “alt-right” reality is gunning to relive one of history’s most horrific episodes, because this time, it’s going to end well for everyone. source: http://www.12news.com/news/local/valley/birthday-party-marred-by-swastika-cupcakes/356273071   Meanwhile, in Russia… On Russian TV, “Ice Age” a show similar to Dancing With the Stars, but with ice skates, and Holocaust costumes, two Russian performers got perfect marks for doing a Holocaust-themed ice dance, complete with striped costumes, gaunt-looking makeup, barking dogs,Read More →

President-elect Donald Trump takes to Twitter to suggest that anyone who exercises their constitutionally protected right to burn the American flag should “perhaps” face prison time or have their citizenship revoked. source:¬†http://www.cnn.com/2016/11/29/politics/donald-trump-first-amendment/index.htmlRead More →