A day that will live in infamy. It was “surf’s up” for every news outlet with an editorial board. Oh, let’s give it a name, shall we?  How about: — “The Fiasco in Finland” — “The Stinky in Helsinki.” — “The Treason Summit.” Morning-after parade of headlines from around the globe. —  Putin scores hole-in-one at The Collusion Open. —  Putin to Apprentice: “You’re Hired” —  Kyrie eleison. Miserere nobis Since I can’t be everywhere at once, I have to assume that some astute commentator* has pointed out by now, that Trump neither said anything, nor did anything in Helsinki, that he has notRead More →

…. and render all My stuff back to where it belongs!” – Jehovah This 72-foot “Statue of Liberation Through Christ” towers over a suburban Memphis intersection.  She out-glorifies even the World Outreach Dome behind her, a megachurch that opened in 2001. The statue itself was unveiled with much fanfare on July 4, 2006. [Special effects by L.D.]Read More →