I’ll be brief, because someone like James O’Keefe doesn’t deserve too many words. He calls himself a provocateur, but I think that’s being a little generous, because the only thing he seems capable of provoking is facepalms from his former sugardaddies. There are a lot of lessons swirling around little Jimmy’s latest aborted effort to prove something he’s yet been able to prove, which is really anybody’s guess, though I think it’s that he wants to prove that the left is as bereft of integrity as the right. Who knows. Of all of those lessons, there is one lesson that I’ve not heard manyRead More →

  Twenty-six years ago, Anita Hill testified before the Senate Judicial Committee about her experience with Clarence Thomas, who was undergoing an contentious nomination process for the Supreme Court. One one side, Thomas was being held up as a victim of a “high-tech lynching” due to the fact that he was a black man being nominated to an all-white Court to replace Thurgood Marshall, the Supreme Court’s first black American judge. On the other side were women who argued that, once again, men could do as they please to women in the workplace without consequence. During her testimony, Anita Hill was grilled incessantly by anRead More →

  WebVan, eToys, Mase, Kaiser Chiefs, M. Night Shyamlan, Alex Pettyfer…. What do those six things have in common, aside from the fact that maybe you’ve never heard of them, or, if you have heard of them, barely remember them (except for maybe that M. guy in the middle)? That’s what they all have in common. Those are all names of things that are supposed to be as ubiquitous in yoru daily conversations as, say, Leonardo DiCaprio, or Sam Cooke, or Google. Okay, so maybe not that ubiquitous, but still, they were supposed to be names you didn’t have to wrack your brain to remember.Read More →

  No, the title isn’t an ironic, clever play on words regarding this piece’s content. I honestly want to do something a little different. Sometimes we just need to take a break from all the shit that brings us down and talk about something completely unrelated to politics. So, I want to introduce you (in case you weren’t already aware) to two musicians who don’t get the amount of attention they deserve. Both of these guys have been around awhile, but I only recently “discovered” them. The first guy is Har Mar Superstar. He’s from Minneapolis, and I found it incredibly difficult to find aRead More →

I spent a few hours yesterday, sitting on a patio in pleasant weather, enjoying the company of my two older brothers. Mike is a retired lieutenant police detective with a masters degree in Public Administration.  Bob, the elder, is semi-retired from his own CPA firm and holds a masters degree in Economics.  Both are staunch liberal Democrats.  They are also world class raconteurs whose combined intellectual firepower guarantees some lively and entertaining conversation.   I am damn lucky to have them. Bob the Elder had just returned from the post office where he mailed out letters to our Congressman Steve Cohen (D) and Republican Senators BobRead More →

    Here’s a picture taken in March, 2016 that shows trump being so impressed with how bigly a lowly volunteer took a coffee order that he was invited to sit in on a national security advisory meeting. The coffee boy is the young one. It’s also likely that the White House didn’t call him a coffee boy, but a covfefe boy, which might make sense without making any sense at all.Read More →

…trump and his fascist followers…are bitter that they were born too late to partake in the Third Reich, and would look for ways to make America their own private Nazi-land.  We’re watching it happen. How far will we let it go?  –Imbecile     —National Inquirer. November 2, 2017 President Trump’s Federal Emergency Management Agency has announces that it has officially re-opened the first of former-President Obama’s “Political Realignment Facilities” in Willcox, Arizona.  This type of facility was more commonly known as a “concentration camp,” or even a “death camp” during his tenure in Washington. According to Breitbart News, the agency plans to re-open fourRead More →