I’ll be brief, because someone like James O’Keefe doesn’t deserve too many words. He calls himself a provocateur, but I think that’s being a little generous, because the only thing he seems capable of provoking is facepalms from his former sugardaddies.

There are a lot of lessons swirling around little Jimmy’s latest aborted effort to prove something he’s yet been able to prove, which is really anybody’s guess, though I think it’s that he wants to prove that the left is as bereft of integrity as the right. Who knows. Of all of those lessons, there is one lesson that I’ve not heard many people discussing. That lesson is this: Jaime Phillips’ story fell apart at the slightest scrutiny.

Her story was found to be false within minutes of her making it. None of the genuine accusers’ stories have fallen apart under even more intense scrutiny. The only Roy Moore accuser story to fall apart so far is the one that was concocted by Jimmy O’Keefe and his willing dope to try to discredit his credible accusers.

Their accusations still stand.