In Celebration

by Paul Ryan., Esq.

Roll out another barrel. Strike up the marching band.
Sweet dreams from college kegger years; shared quotes from Book of Rand

We piled a bonfire to the sky, threw futures on the fire.
Its flames, from distant suburbs seen, this mocking funeral pyre.

Unveil the sixteen virgins. Present the fatted calves.
Turn off those lights and cameras now; go write new epitaphs.

Cavort like there’s no tomorrow.  Look no friend in the eye.
In this autumn of such madness, let no man reason why

Your shares now go to everyone who lives on easy street.
It’s time you learned to stand aside, and let the big dogs eat.

Although our lies have spoken, save one remaining curse;
Lead needy souls unto us and we’ll strangle them with worse.

We’ve squandered all you took for granted; there’s talk I shall retire;
To live my life among the ruined, and nestle in the mire.

I’ve always dreamed this day would come with proceeds of the joke.
Whatever dreams you grew up with, have all gone up in smoke.

So long, suckers!  And thanks for all the fish.