George Carlin, who was born May 12, 1937, would have been 81 this year. He passed away at the age of 71 on this day, June 22, in 2008. In preceding weeks he revealed that he was developing a new piece of material called, “There’s Too Much Fucking Music,” and planning to start organizing his filed collection of ideas for his next book; while certain that “there’ll be another HBO show as these pieces on stage begin to take form.”   But mortality intervened to have its way with him much too soon for anybody’s liking. The global economic meltdown was little more than an ominousRead More →

Ever since dotard g trump descended the trump Tower escalator 3 years ago today to announce his intention to pull off his biggest con ever, pundits, politicos, and regular, everyday people have tried to nail down his appeal to his base, which continues to provide him with the greatest approval rating of any president, ever. It’s scary, but it’s true. No other president in history has enjoyed as much support among his own party than trump enjoys among Republicans. trump’s support among Republicans has never dipped below 77%, and that only happened on one occasion, in the second week of December, 2017. He currently enjoysRead More →

The Seven German Words that capture an essence of this era of Trump Misadministration. Backpfeifengesicht: In German, this means “a face that deserves to be punched.” Weltschmerz: Translates literally to “world pain.”  The sickening exasperation one feels at the state of the world. Fernweh: The feeling of wanting to be anywhere but where you are at this moment . Kuddelmuddel: The chaos of a hopelessly messy, unstructured state of affairs. Kummerspeck: Literally, “grief bacon.”  A politically induced stress over-eating disorder. Fuchsteufelswild: A persistent state of unfiltered, primal rage. Fremdschaemen: Functionally similar to ‘schadenfreude’; a projection of shame on behalf of any member of the TrumpRead More →

I want to thank Honey Crisis for inspiring this commentary. Back in the early days of the mainstream Internet, the term social media didn’t really exist as part of our cultural consciousness. There were chat engines that allowed people to communicate in real time, but providing instant feedback on news events wasn’t really a thing then. However, in the realm of chat programs, people could develop a persona and become somewhat “famous” in their own little chat-dom. I, myself, even made a tiny bit of a name for myself in Excite’s Virtual Places. For many people, that little taste of recognition became an addiction, and withRead More →