No, the title isn’t an ironic, clever play on words regarding this piece’s content. I honestly want to do something a little different.

Sometimes we just need to take a break from all the shit that brings us down and talk about something completely unrelated to politics.

So, I want to introduce you (in case you weren’t already aware) to two musicians who don’t get the amount of attention they deserve.

Both of these guys have been around awhile, but I only recently “discovered” them.

The first guy is Har Mar Superstar. He’s from Minneapolis, and I found it incredibly difficult to find a single song that could accurately portray his style, because he doesn’t have just one. On each album he’s released, he’s given his own spin on R&B, Superficial Pop, New Wave, you name it.

This video, however, does present a fairly good overview of Har Mar’s desire to pay homage to the brands of music he undertakes. This is from his 2013 album, Bye Bye 17. The song is called “Lady, You Shot Me.” And yes, that is Har Mar in the video. He’s overweight and balding, and he oozes sex appeal.


This next artist is almost as difficult to pigeonhole. Sxip Shirey is from Athens, Ohio, but has been based out of Brooklyn for most of his career. Most of his music is eclectic, instrumental pieces employing found music and found objects, though he does frequently collaborate with other musicians to create more accessible and pop-friendly music. As with Har Mar Superstar, it’s difficult to find a single song that best represents his style, but this particular song is one of his newest. It’s from his 2017 album, A Bottle of Whiskey and a Handful of Bees. The song is called “Cinnamon Stick.” It features Xavier on vocals, and, yes, the title is a euphemism.


Use the comments to post your thoughts or to introduce us to music you’ve recently discovered.


No trump picture this time, just good music. Fuck trump.