Indictments, shootings, firings, resignings, lies, guilty pleas, porn stars…a lot has happened since I last posted here 6 months ago. With so many things to discuss, it’s more than a little daunting trying to pick just one thing to cover. I could focus on the most recent events that has our media more than occupied, which would seem to be the most logical topic to cover, or I could take a turn and avoid the obvious and discuss something a bit less topical, but nonetheless important to understanding the zeitgeist.

Should we discuss trump’s bizarre, temper-tantrum rejection of a DACA deal, because those mean, ol’ Democrats did something or other?

Should we discuss how every time trump talks about capitalism, the Dow Jones tanks?

Or should we discuss the right’s fixation on a group of high school kids who are upset that they had to watch 17 of their friends and classmates die for an outdated “right?”

That Rusher thing, with Russia, seems to be picking up steam, too.

Because I don’t really know what to focus on with my first foray back into this forum, let’s just talk about whatever.

I’ll have something a bit more focused tomorrow.

But, not to leave us floundering, here’s a bit from yesterday that we should all find entertaining. It’s trump offering an inscrutable Easter address to a crowd of children, while a terrifying bunny rabbit looks on as if he’s waiting for someone to rescue him from this nightmare, and the first lady seems to keep forgetting that she’s still on camera, even when people aren’t applauding her or when her husband is calling her out.