UPDATED, 2 April: Okay, that landed like a lead balloon in soft sand on a deserted beach. Perhaps I’ve been away too long. This was supposed to be an April Fool’s Day joke, but if someone posts a joke on a blog and no one shows up to wonder about it, does it make a sound? Yes, there are some changes coming, but mostly it’s going to be to design (something I’ve already implemented) with some minor content focus areas. I am not now, nor will I ever, advocate to give trump a chance. Fuck that fucker.


As has been apparent, I haven’t devoted time to this space in months.

A lot has been happening in my brick and mortar world, and it left me with little time (or desire) to devote to maintaining a chronicle here. These things happen.

But, during that time, I have also been undergoing a re-evaluation of my priorities, my way of thinking, and what this all means to me.

I understand this will come as a shock to those of you who know me by my online presence as this irreverently sardonic character who goes by the name Imbecile, but the real person behind this persona is no longer so eager to engage in the further degradation of our political discourse.

In fact, I owe much of my recent evolution to a dear friend who explained to me why he voted for trump in the first place, and for the first time in my voting life, I questioned my political allegiances. This is not something I have taken lightly, nor is it something I’m currently prepared to go into great depth over, as I am still in the process of making sense about how I feel, but due to the nature of my recent thinking, I have to admit that I am no longer as virulently opposed to the Trump Administration as I once was.

I did not want to spend my time being disrespectful to our president or to the people whom I’ve grown to respect greatly who have helped make this space an invigorating place for intelligent discussion, so I remained silent.

But, I decided that today, the day of the Christ’s resurrection, would be a fitting day to make this announcement.

I do not do this to offend anyone, nor do I intend on becoming one of the braying proTrump bigots that inhabit this digital realm, but I do, now, understand why he does the things he does, and why I feel it’s important to give him the chance to set things right.

What does all that mean?

In the coming weeks, I will be rebuilding a new blog, just as dedicated to intelligent debate as this place was, but I will be doing away with the disrespectful blog title, and slowly removing the distasteful photos of our president I have been posting for months.

I understand if you do not wish to follow me on this new path, but I hope you can understand why I am doing what I’m doing.

He is our president, and he deserves our respect.

Happy Easter to all.