On Monday, the FBI raided the offices of Michael Cohen, thug lawyer subordianaire to subpresident donald “jenius” trump.

Monday afternoon, trump said the raid constituted an “attack on our country, in a true sense.”

On Tuesday, trump’s spokesmodel stomped out to the White House Press Briefing room podium and reiterated that whatever it is that has happened to our country, because she won’t get into it, of course, it’s gone too far.

Now, we can only assume that whatever it is that has gone too far, it must be the true sense attack on our country carried out by whatever forces trump and Sanders believe is at war with us, which is probably the FBI, which clearly has a long and storied history of attacking America.

Before we go off grumbling and complaining about how our president keeps lying without consequence, a reporter for ABC News did seek to clarify what this attack was. Read:

JK: In what way is an FBI raid on Michael Cohen’s office an attack on our country?

SHS: The president has been clear that he thinks this is gone too far. Beyond that, I don’t have anything to add, but I’d refer you back to the president’s comments.

JK: That amounts to an attack on our country?

SHS: I don’t have anything to add.

See? Satisfied that our nation is, indeed, under attack, and that it’s gone too far, and that there is nothing more to be said about it, the media gladly accepted their meal and ate in silence.

Now, for clarity, there have been only 2 times that our nation has been attacked in such a manner that it resulted in a declaration of war. The first time was in 1812, and the second time was in 1941. We have been attacked a few other times, like the World Trade Center bombing in 1993, and then, of course, the events on 9/11, but other than that, we haven’t been attcked.

Investigating the president for possible crimes he may have committed does not rise to the level of an attack on our nation, but our president sure does want you to believe so.


Well, if one is a normal-thinking person, the answer is probably obvious. The president wants Special Counsel Robert Mueller fired, but he knows he lacks the support to take that action. He knows that if he were to fire Robert Mueller, there would be public outcry, and it could very well spell the end of his presidency much sooner than he’s prepared to end it. However, if he can convince the public that Mueller’s actions are harmful to the nation, then he can provoke public support for Mueller’s ouster. This is exactly what he’s doing.

On the other hand, if one is not a normal-thinking person, say, like, a trump supporter, then one will undoubtedly believe the president’s complaint without question, because, in the mind of a trump supporter, the president is the nation* and any attack on the president constitutes an attack on the entire nation, and anything that makes the president unhappy constitutes an attack.

The president is hoping that he can agitate his base enough that they will run interference for him, as if he fancies himself a celebrity who sends a decoy out to his cheering fans while he makes a stealthy getaway to Nambia, but there’s something a bit more sinister happening here. When we listen to the rhetoric of people like Ann Coulter who want our military to indiscriminately gun down anyone who approaches our imaginary map lines, and when we listen to the rhetoric of people like Ted Nugent, who urged people to shoot on sight anyone they believe to be a liberal or insufficiently loyal Republican, and when we listen to the rhetoric of people like Kevin Williamson, who wants to execute women for exchanging god’s gifts, and when we listen to people like Sinclair Broadcasting’s Jamie Allman expressing his desire to violently sodomize a 17-year-old mass shooting survivor, and we set such rhetoric side-by-side with the president’s claim that our nation is being attacked by his political opponents, then what is the intended outcome?

One cannot engage in this kind of ceaselessly violent rhetoric and claim that it’s just “locker room” talk. What is it that trump really wants his supporters to do?

One final thing. If you paid attention, you will notice that trump’s tactic is nearly identical in execution to Sean Hannity’s attack on Jimmy Kimmel. It’s outlandish to the point of absurdity, the point being to generate enough outrage in the rabid supporters of the person making the outlandish claim to rally to the defense of the besieged, while attempting to silence dissent by convincing them that what they’re doing is shameful.

I keep telling you this is how they operate. I am not wrong.


*only applies to white Republicans