Here’s what’s happening:

trump is prepping us for the ditching of Steve Bannon by telling the New York Post’s┬áMichael Goodwin that Bannon was a late comer to his team. This comes on the heels of a now-well-publicized rift between the white nationalists on trump’s team led by Bannon and trump’s co-husband Jared Kushner.

trump’s distancing of himself from Bannon isn’t because trump is appalled by Bannon’s white nationalism, but because he can’t get along with Kushner.

Sean Spicer might also be on his way out.

Bill O’Reilly suddenly decided to take a vacation last night, and prolonged his very awkward moment by trying to pretend he’s going to have a contest to see if his viewer’s can guess where he’s going. Many are speculating that he’s asking his viewers for ideas for places to go where he can avoid having to hear about how widely hated he is.

Jeff Sessions stood in Nogales, Arizona and said that he was ordering prosecutors to charge illegal immigrants with felonies for entering the country illegally a second time, and then implied that those immigrants were “filth.”