President-elect trump has decided that his favorite media weirdo will not be a part of his administration. On December 9, Rudy Giuliani, formerly known as the former mayor who couldn’t go a minute without reminding everyone he was the mayor of New York City on 9/11, announced that he had removed himself from consideration for a trump administration post, immediately sparking speculation that a scandal is imminent. President-elect trump, while making his statement, declined to remind everyone that Rudy Giuliani was the mayor of New York City on 9/11. source:   Meanwhile, This Matters… Today in the trial of Dylan Roof, the racist charged with killingRead More →

NBC announced today that, along with his busy schedule as president, President-elect Donald Trump will also serve as executive producer of The New Celebrity Apprentice, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. NBC, understanding the obvious conflict of interest, hastily added that they will not be paying Mr. Trump. Trump has been highly critical of NBC’s Saturday Night Live for their satirical portrayal of him. Many questions have been raised regarding the president’s ability to influence other programming decisions on the network, as well as questions about NBC’s news division to remain truly objective toward Trump, who has also been highly critical of NBC journalists. I’m left wondering if anyoneRead More →

Professional wrestling was confrontational reality TV long before confrontational reality TV was a thing. Jerry Spring owes his success to pro wrestling. The Real Housewives of Atlanta/New York/Beverly Hills/Podunk, Kansas owes their success to professional wrestling. Professional wrestling made a mockery of both sports, soap operas, and TV dramas, and wrapped into a testosterone-riddled package perfect for rage-roid’ing men long before road rage became socially acceptable. Donald Trump made a mockery of our political process and won the presidency in the process. It should be no surprise, then, that President-elect Trump would turn to the wrestling world to help populate his administration. After flipping offRead More →

Following President-elect Trump’s much ballyhooed tweet about Boeing in which he stated “Cancel Order!” following a brief, error-filled statement, Trump spokesman Jason Miller stated during a conference call with reporters that Trump “sold all of his stock back in June.” However, in a May, 2016 financial disclosure statement, Trump claimed over $20 million in stocks and bonds. The incoming Trump administration decline to offer any evidence that the incoming president had any financial interests that might influence his decisions as president. source:   Meanwhile, in news that doesn’t matter… Adult Swim, an irreverent comedy/cartoon network, finally bowed to public pressure and canceled the show “Million DollarRead More →

“Screw ’em.” That was the unsolicited response by Trump economic advisor Stephen Moore in the wake of President-Elect Trump’s Twitter storm regarding China’s economic and military policies as to how he would respond to China if they expressed displeasure with Trump’s Twitter tirades.Read More →

Five times in history a person has been elected president of the United States after losing the popular vote: John Quincy Adams, Rutherford B. Hayes, Benjamin Harrison, George W. Bush, and now, Donald J. Trump. President-elect Trump, unable to accept he is not lovingly adored by a majority of the voting public, insisted, via Twitter, that the only reason he lost the popular election was due to voting by undocumented migrant workers (tolerantly referred to as the “illegals”, by people who vote for people like Trump). Vice-President-elect Mike Pence appeared on ABC’s This Week With George Stephanopoulos and attempted to defend President-elect Trump’s comments byRead More →

I hope every self respecting White [sic] parent does not take their children to this atrocity.” This was just one of hundreds of comments made in the wake of Minneapolis’ Mall of America’s decision to hire a black man to portray Santa Claus during their Holiday shopping season. It should not go without notice that capitalizing the word white when describing the white race is a white supremacist tactic. Before pearl-clutching right-wingers put on their Poutrage Pajamas and blast me for implying that the above comment is racist, please continue reading the comment: Santa Claus was a German character from centuries ago when blacks wereRead More →

The United States established diplomatic relations with China in 1979. In order to maintain those relations, the United States has officially refused to recognize Taiwan as an independent nation in order to appease Chinese officials who claim that Taiwan belongs to them. President elect Donald Trump today spoke with Taiwanese president Tsai Ing-wen and congratulated her on her victory earlier this year. Considering that China does not recognize the legailty of Tsai Ing-wen’s political position, this move clearly upset Chinese officials. Trump officials declined to explain whether president-elect Trump made the call intentionally, knowing it would upset Chinese officials, or if he was simply unawareRead More →

Four weeks after the election, the Harvard Kennedy School Institute of Politics invited members of both the Trump and Clinton campaigns to discuss how each campaign operated internally. The meeting quickly turned contentions when Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway expressed incredulity at charges from the Clinton campaign that Trump deliberately encouraged racists to back his campaign. “Are you going look me in the face and say I provided a platform for white supremacists?” Kellyanne Conway asked. Clinton campaign advisers Jennifer Palmieri and Karen Finney both nodded and said “Yes.” Trump adviser David Bossie responded to this by telling Palmieri and Finney, “You guys are pathetic.”Read More →