I hope every self respecting White [sic] parent does not take their children to this atrocity.”

This was just one of hundreds of comments made in the wake of Minneapolis’ Mall of America’s decision to hire a black man to portray Santa Claus during their Holiday shopping season.

It should not go without notice that capitalizing the word white when describing the white race is a white supremacist tactic.

Before pearl-clutching right-wingers put on their Poutrage Pajamas and blast me for implying that the above comment is racist, please continue reading the comment:

Santa Claus was a German character from centuries ago when blacks were eating other in Africa…”

Or how about this nugget of inclusion crafted by the linguistic stylings of a user cleverly named Hillda Cankles:

Turd in a Santa suit…..ugh
Why can’t these people-shaped apes just stick to their made-up kwanza ritual.”

source: http://www.rawstory.com/2016/12/santa-is-white-boycott-mall-of-america-online-racists-are-having-a-meltdown-over-malls-black-santa/