• Reince Priebus – Chief of Staff; jumped (pushed?)
  • Sean Spicer – Press Secretary; jumped
  • Rex Tillerson – Secretary of State; threatened to jump, was talked down
  • Michael Dubke – Communications Director; jumped
  • Walter Shaub – Director, Office of Government Ethics; jumped
  • James Comey – FBI Director; pushed
  • Michael Flynn – National Security Advisor; pushed
  • Sally Yates – Acting Attorney General; pushed
  • Preet Bharara – U.S. Attorney; pushed
  • Katie Walsh – Deputy Chief of Staff; jumped
  • Melania Trump – First Lady; attempted to jump; yanked back by leash

These are the high-profile members of the ss trump who either jumped or were pushed overboard since this ship set sail in January.

The president seems to go through friends and aides the way a spoiled rich kid goes through toys: loves them when they’re brand new, bores of them quickly.

trump once claimed that he only surrounds himself with the best people. If the people listed above were the best people, then what are the people who replaced them?

Here’s your trump picture: