Tucker Carlson—the Fox News host most likely to win a contest that goes, “How many women did you date-rape in college?”—scored an interview with the so-called president that aired today, March 15.

In the interview, Every Trust Fund Douchebag You’ve Ever Met asked donald trump about where he first learned that President Obama had tapped his wires. trump’s response was that he read about it six weeks earlier in a piece in The New York Times. Keep in mind that trump tweeted early that morning before sunrise that he had “just learned” about the tapping of his wires.

Are we to believe that it took six weeks for the information he read in The New York Times to travel from his eyeballs to his brain?

Finally, keep in mind that he took to be irrefutable proof that his wires were tapped something from a publication he referred to, in that very same interview, to be the “dishonest media.”

So, to briefly sum up: donald trump claims The New York Times is dishonest, but demands that Congress open an investigation based on something donald trump claims he read in that paper.