On Saturday, August 12, trump made a worthless speech about the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia in which he blamed both sides for the violence. He was immediately and universally criticized for the speech, especially in light of the fact that a neo nazi had just plowed his car through a crowd of counter-protesters, killing one and injuring many more.

Many sources reported that Ivanka had a talk with daddy and urged him to take a slightly harder line against the people who voted for him, who also happen to be the same people who support the people that would like to put Ivanka and her legal husband in a concentration camp for being Jewish.

Apparently, daddy decided that he need to please Ivanka or there would be no more cookie for him, and so on Monday, August 14, trump issued a statement he clearly didn’t write, and even more clearly didn’t want to read.

Then, on Tuesday, having apparently gotten the cookie he was after, trump walked into public and announced that he was taking back his statement from Monday and reverting back to his statement from Saturday.

This was meant with a very pleased response from David Duke, a man trump doesn’t want us to know he’s heard of, despite everyone having heard of him.

Here’s your trump picture: