With the athletic grace of a vintage Michael Jordan lay-up, the president strode past the foul line to slam-dunk all of his 63 million voters into the basket of Nazi deplorables.  After 23 excruciating minutes of hang time on the rim, he dropped down, then pirouetted backstage like a confected ballerina princess to deliver an “oh, by the way” plug for his winery in Charlottesville, which I presume will feature highly marketable grapes hand-picked by bonified hands of the Master Race.

Who’s Heather Heyer?  And whatever she’s saying about me is a lie.

Equivocating Republicans, whom the Tea party specifically elected to do nothing, as seen on endless video loops, now are insisting that they want to get something done on their agenda. But they needed reminding – toxicity not withstanding – that Trump IS the agenda.

The man, the brand, and the madness.

Trump has eliminated millions in funding for an NGO specifically tasked with countering white violent extremist radicalization, prior to Charlottesville.  The money is to be redirected to Mooslim extremist-related programs.

Of course; the nexus of all evil.

Days after White House adviser Sebastian Gorka denied as myth, lone-wolf Nazi terrorism, and dismissed the Oklahoma City bombing as long past its expiration date for relevance, federal agents disrupted a McVeigh-inspired truck-bomb plot by a lone teenage Nazi…in Oklahoma City. This had happened within hours of another lone-wolf Nazi turning the ignition key on his Dodge WMD in Charlottesville.

Herr Gorka, sir….. meet Bagdad Bob.  Ya’ll need to talk.

Presumably in the same spirit as “stand-your-ground-laws, Republicans in 6 states are trying to protect drivers who hit protesters, while Fox News website currently features a story glorifying running over liberal protesters with cars.

Get off my lawn and get outta the street.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office in D.C. got a Superior Court judge to issue a search warrant in July ordering a web hosting company to turn over “all files” related to disruptj20.org, a website that has information, including IP addresses, on 1.3 million visitors who had inquired about the several post-inaugural protests that were planned for Jan. 20.

Anti-trump = enemy of the state.

Mike Godwin, the creator of Godwin’s Law has permanently suspended it as a defense for the alt-right, tweeting;

“By all means, compare these shitheads to Nazis. Again and again. I’m with you.”

Finally, there is this quintessential Braveheart Aryan asshole who got chased down in Charlottesville:

When I cut you off in traffic, I flip YOU the bird!