“Do you like spy fiction?”

This was the burning question Sen. Tom Cotton (F*–Arkansas) had for Attorney General Jeffrey Beauregard Sessions during Sessions’ testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee regarding the trump campaign/administration’s probably collusion with Russia in order to steal an election.

You see, Cotton was pulling a funny, by insinuating that the accusations being levied against trump, his fluffers, and anyone else connected to his administration are even more fantastically unbelievable than the plots of zany spy movies starring characters like Jason Bourne and James Bond.

Or, some other people might argue that Tom Cotton was feeling out Sessions’ willingness to bypass the airport bathroom stall tango and go straight for the congressional movie theater make-out session. Those people might be wrong, but we will most likely never know, because Republicans just simply don’t answer questions in front of a Senate committee, or they just flat out lie when they do answer those questions.

And that is the real issue, when it comes down to it. Our modern Republican Senators seem more than willing to excuse possible criminal behavior if it means they get to pass a [w]ealthcare bill in secret, publicly flaunting the fact that they don’t give a single shit what Senate Democrats or the American citizens might think of it.

Republicans, thanks to a decades-long right-wing media machine gaming the public perception in their favor, and a Democratic Party too weak-willed to take a strong stand, are openly fucking over their constituents in order to give more money to the wealthy, and they can do so because they know they will suffer no consequences. So far, I’ve seen nothing to dissuade that opinion of mine.



Here’s your trump picture:

(Photo by Shawn Thew-Pool/Getty Images)