Today has been a flurry of political punditry as analysts enamored with the sound of their own brilliance swamp the cable news channels to chat incessantly about tomorrow’s testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee by spurned FBI Director James Comey.

As sad as it is to state, there are lefties out there in Political Spectator Land who have convinced themselves that tomorrow’s testimony is going to end with video of donald trump being led out of the White House in handcuffs.

I hate to be the one to break this to any of those lefties who might have stumbled upon this page by accident and happen to be reading this paragraph at this very instant, but that is not going to happen. trump will never be arrested. he will never be charged with a crime. he will never spend a day behind bars ever again. Most likely, he will serve out his term, lose the election to whichever Democrat the DNC can put forth, and then be the subject of years of debate over just how horrible a president he was. Maybe.

It is entirely likely that the DNC will continue to fail to learn the lessons of 2016-2017 and find a way to get trump re-elected by failing to give anyone a reason to vote them that isn’t “Hey! Vote for us because we hate trump just as much as you do!”

Recall the giddy days of November, 2008 – Some Cynical Day, 2009 when we lefties awaited the moment the Attorney General announced investigations and the subsequent charges against those Wall Street McGreedies who tried their best to destroy the global economy? Ask yourself how many of those banksters saw so much as a stern look from any prosecutor anywhere in America. Now, ask yourself what the excuse from the Obama Administration was.

Yeah, yeah, I know. We’re not supposed to be critical of our fellow Democrats. Everything bad is always the fault of whatever right-wing boogeyman is in whatever office we are holding responsible at the moment.

But, here’s a question that is sure to upset some of my fellow lefties who might be reading this: has it ever occurred to you that this inane unwillingness to demand that our progressive politicians actually act like progressives is one of the major reasons why, despite advocating policies that enjoy the support of nearly everyone in America, Democrats just can’t seem to win elections? Have your answers to such questions ever involved anything other than blaming gerrymandering or voter suppression? Maybe they should.

Anyway, back to pouring cold water on your Comey Dreams.

Comey is not going to implicate trump in any crimes, and even if he does, we lack the gumption to hold power accountable.

We are not the federal republic you think we are. We are an aristocracy that pretends to be of, for, and by the people.

As a bonus, CNN is treating tomorrow’s testimony like a spectator sport, referring to Comey’s Committee appearance as D.C.’s Super Bowl, and publishing an article detailing how to watch the event on TV.

today’s blog title is courtesy of the song Still Ill by The Smiths


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