“Right now we’re up against a wall.  The country is in crisis.  We have a fool, who knows nothing about nothing, running the country…. Right now, we’re under siege.   Fix Bayonets!”

—James Carville on November 20, 2016

Carville was addressing an audience at Miami-Dade College, just two weeks into the trump transition.  His next words were these:

“Our problem is that we are too diligent; we want to solve everything.  Right now we have got to stop this man!  We have got to tell this country that we’re about to get run over. That’s what we have got to do.  We don’t have time for theorizing.  We don’t have time for some visionary structural change to the world.  Our ass is up against a wall. and we gotta fight back …now!

He was attempting to focus our shell-shocked attentions to the immediacy of a clear and present danger and upon the urgency of mounting an offensive campaign from our positions of forced entrenchment.

That was 174 days ago and the battlefield has devolved.

“At the point of being overrun by the enemy and with no options left, a commanding officer on the ground may instruct his Forward Air Controller, to call in “Broken Arrow” which is a call for all available combat aircraft to assist and attack enemy positions, even those close to the U.S. troops’ position, because a position is being overrun and can no longer be defended.”

With our nation’s institutions rapidly descending into worsening chaos, and by a clear interrupt of formal Chains of Command, someone has finally stood up and voiced the call…Broken Arrow!