Anybody watching the news coverage today?  It is wall-to-wall round-robin tournaments of bullshit.

“Well wassamatter LD, what’s buggin’ you today?”

How about a House vote on health care reform legislation that has nothing at all to do with delivering health care, but is entirely about encasing women’s health inside a concrete footing and erecting the first abutment for a complex bridge of parliamentary machinations to reach a massive, permanent, $800 billion give-away to the 1%?

Or how about a “Religious Liberty” Executive Order” that portends the placement of demolition charges on the walls between church and state?

And how about testimony from FBI Director Comey that is a Gordian Knot of questionable reasoning and disingenuous semantics?

“WTF are you talking about, dude?”

I’ll explain later. In the meantime, can you loan me an Ambien…….just till I can see straight?

Oh yeah–sorry!…….

…….here is that moment of Zen I promised….a one minute contrast of brain function, values, and ideology.

(h/t to Imbecile for this space)