Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch met with Democratic Senator Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut on Wednesday, February 8 to talk about very big stuff.

After their meeting, Senator Blumenthal was quick to point out that Gorsuch told him that he found president trump’s tweets about a Seattle judge who granted a restraining order against the enforcement of trump’s Muslim ban to be “demoralizing” and “disheartening”.

Mainstream media was just as quick to breathlessly trumpet Gorsuch’s comments as a “sign of independence”.

Let’s break down why this is bullshit, and why the media (CNN especially) might be so eager to lick that plate of bullshit clean that the White House and Senate placed before them.

Ever since Mitch McConnel announced that he and his Republican flunkies were going to game the Supreme Court nominee system in their favor in the off-chance that they won the White House and Senate in the 2016 election (which they “miraculously” did), it became clear that any nominee they put forth after a Republican inauguration was going to be a TeaParty/Alt-Right wet dream.

Knowing they were going to face fierce pushback against any nominee, they needed to put forth someone they could tout as a moderate, or as an independent. They don’t want the impression that their judges are mindless, illiterate signatories like their hairy president.

So, they serendipitously find a judge willing to “speak out” against the president’s tweets, which is perfect, because the president’s penchant for tweeting is apparently a big deal to everyone, so speaking out against his tweeting habits is sure to strike the right chord with People Who Don’t Like The president.

However, McConnell is no dummy, despite how dumb he looks and sounds (and lets face it, he looks pretty dumb). He knows that if Gorsuch were to meet with a Republican senator, and if that senator were to come out of a private meeting and say, “Hey guys! This judge is pretty cool! He threw shade on the trumpmeister!” then everyone would laugh at how ridiculously full of shit such a thing would be.

So, instead, McConnell enlists a willing Democratic mark to make that statement, because Republicans believe that all Democrats believe everything every other Democrat says because McConnell thinks that Democrats are just the other side of the same coin that the Republicans inhabit—because he’s as dumb as he looks.

What this means is that Republicans get to say, “See? Even one of your Democrats thinks Gorsuch is hunky dory. So don’t filibuster this guy because we don’t want to use the nuclear option because we know we’re gonna lose Congress in ’18 and the White House in ’20 and we’re fucked when you guys take over if you all develop a spine between now and then.”

So, see? A Democrat said that Gorsuch is an all right guy, and CNN is a worthless fucking piece of shit news channel that can’t seem to figure out that trump has placed them in his crosshairs and they are still willing to do whatever it takes to make trump happy even if it means pretending that Gorsuch is an “independent” in the hopes that trump will praise them because it’s getting to be a real drag, man, listening to Orange Hitler continually referring to CNN as fake news.



Worthless Senator Lindsey Fucking Graham said that silencing a fellow senator for not being nice to another senator was long overdue, because Republican senators are so goddamned delicate that they can’t abide hearing a critical word on the floor of the senate.

This silencing came as the result of Senator Elizabeth Warren having the audacity to read a letter written by Coretta Scott King upon the occasion of Senator Jeff Sessions’ nomination to be a federal judge in 1986. Ms. King wrote the letter to Strom Thurmond, racist extraordinaire and then-senator of South Carolina. The letter was a damning rebuke of Sessions’ well-documented bigotry, and Racist Prick Thurmond conveniently refused to enter Ms. King’s letter into the Congressional record. It surfaced again as Jeff Sessions was nominated to be the trump administration’s Attorney General.

Has anyone asked Lindsey Fucking Graham what he meant when he said that silencing Senator Elizabeth Warren was “long overdue”? Of course no one has. Because if they did, Lindsey Fucking Graham might refuse to appear on their evening news mouth show and if he refused to appear on their evening news mouth show, then how would we ever get to hear what Lindsey Fucking Graham wants to whine and lie about that day?

Oh, yeah, and…

trump “jokingly” threatened to destroy the career of a Texas state senator Tuesday during a White House listening session with various county sheriffs from around the country. A sheriff from Rockwall County was complaining about a state senator who is trying to reform forfeiture laws that the sheriff believes is getting in the way of his little jurisdiction seizing property for their financial benefit when trump “joked”, “Want to give me his name? We’ll destroy his career.” The sheriff declined to name names. Does anyone wonder what would have happened if the sheriff were just a bit more like trump?

Finally, in news that doesn’t matter (or maybe it does when your daddy is president)…

Ivanka trump is really sad that Nordstrom won’t carry her line of shit any longer, and asked her daddy to tweet about it.