From beyond the pale, the Masters of Projection deploy hunter-killer drones to the far most reaches of  the zeitgeist… Excerpt from Newsmax TV’s Wayne Allyn Root‘s latest book, Angry White Male: How the Donald Trump Phenomenon is Changing America—and What We Can All Do to Save the Middle Class.   “Let’s look at some of the ways we’re being targeted, intimidated, and persecuted. The evidence is out in the open. Look at the IRS scandal. Just look at the groups who President Barack Obama and his socialist cabal chose to target and persecute: conservative groups, Tea Party groups, Christian groups, Jewish groups, pro-Israel groups,Read More →

  Yesterday, I praised Republican Senator Jeff Flake of Arizona for his “principled” speech denouncing donald trump. In a near-18-minute speech, Jeff Flake laid out a solid case for why Republicans should also denounce trump, and what their silence and complicity will mean for our posterity. I was ready to believe that perhaps, in light of Bob Corker’s and John McCain’s tepid courage, perhaps the GOP was about the turn the corner on the long nightmare of the donald trump presidency. But then Jeff Flake rushed off to make the rounds of the daily punditry and quickly proved that Republicans are dishonest, cynical assholes whoRead More →

  Arizona Republican Senator Jeff Flake announced today that he is going to retire at the end of his term rather than seek donald trump’s support in a re-election bid. Here’s his announcement: It’s a little long at around 18 minutes, so here are a few highlights transcribed: There are times when we must risk our careers in favor of our principles. It is time for our complicity and our accommodation for the unacceptable to end. I have children and grandchildren to answer to, and so, Mr. President, I will not be complicit and silent. When the next generation asks us, why didn’t you doRead More →

CNN has a new ad. It’s a nice ad. It’s about truth. You can watch it here. CNN produced this ad, one might guess, in response to the constant attacks on the media by trump and members of his administration, and members of the mumbling mob that make up his base. CNN wants us to know that facts matter. I want CNN to remember how they behaved between June Whatever-the-fuck-day-it-was-when-the-orange-goblin-descended-the-yellow-escalator, 2015 and November 8, 2016. I want CNN to remember the hours upon hours that they aired an empty podium as they all waited breathlessly for trump to show up and say something wacky. OfRead More →

We can’t ever truly look into the conscience of a person and know what they’re honestly feeling. We can only surmise those feelings through their words and their deeds. Someone may be genuinely concerned about homelessness, but if they do nothing and say nothing about it, and instead all we hear from them are complaints about panhandlers, then we are correct in assuming that someone is apathetic at best toward the plight of the homeless, and hostile at worst. It is not up to us to ignore their words and deeds and assume they feel something other than what they demonstrate; it is up toRead More →

  Records are made to be broken.  This time a mass shooting in Las Vegas has left at least 59 people dead and more than 500 injured. What do America’s senators and congresspeople have to offer?  The usual threadbare boilerplate expressions of “thoughts and prayers” for victims and their families.  Thoughts and prayers bought and paid for by the National Rifle Association. As each new ritual of horror plays out, always we are left with a conclusion that each one is comparatively worse than the last, and each seeming to reinforce incremental progressions beyond previous models for minimizing prevention and maximizing carnage.  Now we getRead More →

  First, let’s get the obvious shit out of the way. Yes, the Russians most likely ensured that trump won the presidency. Yes, the GOP engages in voter suppression to make sure they continue to win. Yes, gerrymandering is real. Yes the GOP has a much more successfully entrenched media empire than the left. Now, let’s get the nagging questions about those truths out of the way, too. There was no way in hell trump should have ever been even close to getting more than 10 million popular votes at all. The GOP’s blatantly anti-democratic actions should have most Americans irate and ready to throwRead More →

  As a native Californian, I like to keep abreast of what’s going on in my home state, and in California, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is losing support…in her home state. According to the Sacramento Bee, fewer than 1 in 3 California Democrats think Nancy Pelosi should be leading the party regardless of the outcome of the midterm elections next year. Part of Democratic frustrations with Nancy Pelosi is her infuriating caution when it comes to taking political action that steps outside the comfort zone of the status quo. Another prong on the ditch-Pelosi pitchfork is the impression that Pelosi represents the ineffective DemocraticRead More →

3:04:10 PM About a week after the 2016 election, The New York Times ran a story called The Two Americas of 2016. In it, Tim Wallace demonstrated the geographical divide between trump voters and Clinton voters. Two maps were included with the article that showed what could be seen as a striking comparison between what the two Americas looked like geographically. trumpland occupied 85% of the continental United States—a staggering figure at first glance, and a figure most trump supporters love to reference when talking about trump’s victory. They also like to tout this particular electoral map:   which, much like the Times’ maps, seemRead More →