“Screw ’em.” That was the unsolicited response by Trump economic advisor¬†Stephen Moore¬†in the wake of President-Elect Trump’s Twitter storm regarding China’s economic and military policies as to how he would respond to China if they expressed displeasure with Trump’s Twitter tirades.Read More →

The United States established diplomatic relations with China in 1979. In order to maintain those relations, the United States has officially refused to recognize Taiwan as an independent nation in order to appease Chinese officials who claim that Taiwan belongs to them. President elect Donald Trump today spoke with Taiwanese president Tsai Ing-wen and congratulated her on her victory earlier this year. Considering that China does not recognize the legailty of Tsai Ing-wen’s political position, this move clearly upset Chinese officials. Trump officials declined to explain whether president-elect Trump made the call intentionally, knowing it would upset Chinese officials, or if he was simply unawareRead More →

Four weeks after the election, the Harvard Kennedy School Institute of Politics invited members of both the Trump and Clinton campaigns to discuss how each campaign operated internally. The meeting quickly turned contentions when Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway expressed incredulity at charges from the Clinton campaign that Trump deliberately encouraged racists to back his campaign. “Are you going look me in the face and say I provided a platform for white supremacists?” Kellyanne Conway asked. Clinton campaign advisers Jennifer Palmieri and Karen Finney both nodded and said “Yes.” Trump adviser David Bossie responded to this by telling Palmieri and Finney, “You guys are pathetic.”Read More →